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Midweek Prayers

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Welcome to midweek prayers.


Here you will find a new, short, recorded prayer each week. Watch it whenever you can and wherever you want. It will be 5-8 minutes long.


Each week we will follow the same pattern:

- Welcome

- Opening Prayer

- Reading: Psalm

- Reflection

- Prayers

Section 1: Humbly pray for yourself. Offer yourself to God. Your hopes and your fears.

Section 2: Pray for those you love. Even when we can’t be with our loved ones, God is.

Section 3: Pray for the church, being the presence of Jesus at home and at work.

Section 4: Pray for others. Around the world, there is much need, and much change required.


- Blessing

May God’s blessing hold and sustain you, and all those you love, this day, and forever more, Amen.


To listen and to pray, click on the image above or copy this link into your browser: https://youtu.be/ahR4kwiNcCU


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